General Conditions of Sales

Article 1 : Introduction


1.1 - The shop

The online shop of the web site " " was conceived, realized and is exploited by Web Agency.

Any order validated by the customer within the shop "" involves the preliminary acceptance of the present general conditions of sale.
The present terms of sale concern only Templates or Themes marketed on the online shop " ".


1.2 - Validity of the order

The customer recognizes to be perfectly informed about the fact that his agreement concerning the contents of the present general conditions of sale does not require handwritten signature, as far as the customer orders on-line the products which are presented to it.
The customer declares to have the full legal capacity allowing him(her) to make a commitment in conformance with the present general conditions of sale.


1.3 - Application of the general conditions of sale

The customer has the faculty of saving or publishing of the present general conditions of sale, being specified that so much saving which publishing of this document raise from its only responsibility, these conditions being susceptible to be modified by the administrator. In that case, the applicable conditions will be the ones current on the site during the validation of the order by the customer.


1.4 - Contractual informations

The online shop organized by the developer within this web site mentions the following information:
- Presentation of the essential characteristics of the proposed products
- Indication, in euro and/or US dollar of the price of products
- Indication of terms of payment, or execution

All the information of the site "" is presented in French and/or English language.


1.5 - Mutual obligations

These general conditions of sale subsidize the completeness of the obligations and the rights of both parts. This way, the customer is considered for accepting without reserve the completeness of measures planned in these conditions. "" makes a commitment for its part to respect its salesman's role within these same conditions.



Article 2 : Generalities


2.1 - Object and general conditions of sale application

The present general conditions have for object to define the rights and duties of the parts within the on-line sale of the possessions and the services proposed by "" to the customer.


2.2 - Duration

The present general conditions of sale come into effect in the date of validation of the order form by the customer.
These general conditions are concluded for duration necessary for the supply of the possessions and the signed services.


Article 3 : Products and orders


3.1 - Information

"" presents on its web site products to sell so that their detailed descriptions allowing to respect the article L 111-1 of the Code of the consumption (French article), which plans the possibility for the potential consumer to know before taking of definitive order the essential characteristics of the products which he wishes to buy.


3.2 - Price / VAT

The prices of the site are indicated in Euro inclusive of all taxes. They are applicable during the validation of the order by the customer.
The prices are not subjected in the French VAT.


3.3 - Obligations of the customer

The total or partial impossibility to use products, in particular because of incompatibility of equipment, can give rise to no compensation, refund or implication of the responsibility of "", the living customer only judges the compatibility of ordered products with those already in his ownership.


3.4 - Warnings / Advices

"" reminds to the consumer that it is careful to proceed to save of the bought and downloaded data. "" would not know how to be considered as person in charge of any losses of data, files or damage resulting from a possible negligence of the customer.

"" recommends to the customer to keep a track of the data relative to its order on paper support or on reliable IT support until the definitive decision of its order.


3.5 - Property of Template and/or Themes

"" keeps the full and whole property of the sold products. Every sale of Template and/or Theme allows its use for only a particular or professional web site. The graphic kits can not be resold on no account by the buyer. The customer buys the right of use of the product for one and a single web site.


3.6 - Non-execution of the order

"" would not know how to be considered as person in charge of the non-execution of the contract concluded from disturbance, from all-out or partial strike in particular communications. "" will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage because of the present, the operating loss, the loss of profit, the damage or the expenses, which could arise because of the purchase of products.